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In Dr. Jason Dyken's new bestseller, Get It Right!, you'll see how you can avoid the 5 common mistakes that doctors make:  

  • Ignoring the impact of taxes
  • Trying to beat the stock market
  • Leaving assets unprotected
  • Missing the big picture
  • Converting assets to income ineffectively

About the Author

Dr. Jason Dyken practiced Internal Medicine for a decade before seizing an opportunity to impact his fellow doctors. He realized he could help doctors and healthcare practitioners through wealth planning, rather than as a practitioner. In 2001, he retired from his full-time practice of medicine, started Dyken Wealth Strategies, and focused his full-time efforts on improving the financial position of his doctor clients and their families. 

Jason has since dedicated his professional career to serving the financial planning needs of physicians and dentists. He helps them define, understand, and execute strategies to achieve their wealth planning goals.